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Fleece Covered Pet Stairs

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Fleece Covered Pet Stairs

These Fleece Covered Pet Stairs let your pets get to their favourite spot without the need for assistance. With these pet stairs your furry friend can easily climb onto the sofa, bed or more. Its fleece cover means that it is soft on your pet’s paws while still being strong enough to support pets up to approx 30kg. This is the ideal tool to help smaller, older and recovering pets.

Reaching Higher Spots

This Fleece Covered Pet Stairs is a great addition to any household and the perfect tool to help your pet reach those higher spots. It is especially suitable in reducing joint pain and supporting older animals or pets with joint or back problems. This practical stairs enables your pet to move easier and explore new heights.

Lightweight and Easy to Assemble

The stairs easy construction eliminates stress for both you and your pet. It can be assembled and disassembled in minutes and packs away for easy storage making it full transportable. However, its lightweight design means that once it’s together, it can stay together as it can be easily moved room to room or even taken with you to aid your pet in travel. It really is the perfect addition to any household.

Practical and Comfortable

The fleece cover on these pet stairs make it comfortable and gentle on your pets paws, cushioning them to reduce the risk of injury. These pet stairs can help make your home a better place for your furry companion and are designed to help your pets live healthy and happy lives.

Fleece Covered Pet Stairs Specifications

  • Lightweight and Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for small, old and recovering animals
  • Max Load: approx. 30kg (70lbs)
  • Dimensions: 45cm x 36 cm x 30cm. Each step is 10cm high and 15cm deep.

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